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Our services and capabilities are far reaching in both onshore, offshore and swamp construction locations. Our team is made up of qualified, dedicated and experienced personnel.We focus on meeting and exceeding client’s target within project deadline.


We have built reputation over the years in the inspection and certification of construction equipment and accessories and we use state of the art equipment to carry out our inspection and testing services.

Ropetech premob inspection services include but not limited to:

  • Lifting equipments (e.g. wire ropes, shackles, winches, cranes and gantries, man lift, fork lift, belts, chains, etc.),
  • Construction Equipments (e.g. Excavators, pay loaders, Bulldozers, Graders, Mobile Concrete mixers, Swamp Buggy, etc.),
  • Marine Equipments (e.g. tug boats, Barges, Dredgers, Vessels, Midline buoys, etc.),
  • Fabrication Equipments (e.g. Welding machines, Grinding machines, Compressors, Generators, Blasting pots, etc.) 
  • Trucks (e.g. Tippers, Low bed, etc.)
  • Our examination and certification of procedures ensure compliance with Lifting Operations and Equipment Regulations and other statutory regulations such as ASME OSHA, PCSA, FIA, CMAA, and manufacturer’s requirements.

NDT or Proof Load Test:  Ropetech offers non destructive test to determine the characteristics, reliability and suitability of lifting gears such as wire ropes slings, shackles, chains hooks and lifting belt (Nylon or Polypropylene).  Specifically, we use three basic testing techniques namely:

  • Liquid Penetrate Testing (LPT)
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection Testing (MPI)
  • Visual with respect to manufacture’s specifications/standards/manuals

We also give necessary recommendations for repairs or maintenance to ascertain equipment integrity.
Your inspection will include:

  • Review of previous inspection records
  • Visual inspection of the mechanical, electrical, structural system, wire rope, chains, and safety systems.
  • Non destructive inspection of the hook/or any other item suspected of having cracks or defective welds.
  • Load test and operational test
  • Inspection form/certification
  • Certification decals



Ropetech has a well equipped Training and Learning environment, computerized projection equipment, equipment models, digital projection cameras, charts, etc. It is stating the obvious that well-trained personnel are hot cakes in the Oil and Gas Industry. With the sort of training they will be receiving, they can readily carry out their jobs effectively and safely in the EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) industry within and outside Nigeria

We have the capacity to develop competent lifting equipment personnel, while complying with the Project Specifications and targets, through:

  • Planning
  • Personnel and Labor
  • Training and Development
  • Training Programs
  • Training Courses
  • External Courses/ Workshops/ Symposia
  • Utilization of Nigerian Resources


  • Wire ropes
  • Lifting belts
  • Shackles
  • Load Dynamometer (Load Cell Indicator)