standard-title Inspection & Testing

Inspection & Testing


Ropetech is fully equipped with state of the art equipment for carrying out inspection and testing of Cranes, Slings, Construction equipment etc. We are also duly accredited by the Nigeria FACTORIES ACT 1990 to perform testing and certification of lifting equipment and measuring devises, our highly trained and experienced engineers (COREN, LEEA) possess good understanding of ASME B30, OSHA 1910/1926, and API standards that ensure your lifting / rigging and measuring equipment maintains its validity by proper inspection and certification using various techniques such as:

(a) NDT or Proof Load Test:  The NDT or Proof Load is a technique we use to determine the characteristics, strength and suitability of lifting gears such as wire ropes slings, shackles, chains hooks and lifting belt (Nylon or Polypropylene).  We use three basic testing methods namely:

  • Liquid Penetrate Testing (LPT)
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection Testing (MPI)
  • Visual with respect to manufacture’s specifications / standards/manuals.

(b) Statutory Inspection of Lifting/Earth Moving Equipment/Earth Moving
We can inspect your equipment monthly, quarterly and/or annually.   Your equipment will be inspected according to the latest OSHA, ASME, PCSA, FIA, CMAA, and manufacturer’s requirements. We also give necessary recommendations for repairs or maintenance to ascertain equipment integrity.
Your inspection will include:

  • Review of previous inspection records
  • Visual inspection of the mechanical, electrical, structural system, wire rope, chains, and safety systems.
  • Non destructive inspection of the hook/or any other item suspected of having cracks or defective welds.
  • Load test and operational test.
  • Inspection form/certification.
  • Certification decals