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Pipe Welding and Fabrication

Pipe Welding and Fabrication

Course Description
This course outlines an introductory awareness of Welding Safety, which includes but is not limited to The definition of Welding, Types of Welding Processes, Types of Weld Joints, and the Hazard Associated with Welding Operations.


  • Demonstrate knowledge of the use of various types of welding processes
    (written assessment and practical demonstration).
  • Safely use welding machine and accessories (Practical demonstration)
  • Demonstrate production of the quality weld (Practical demonstration using arc welding (MIG) skills and written assessment)
  • Confidently conduct pre-use inspections for welding machines and accessories (Written assessment and practical demonstration using a checklist.
  • Demonstrate the correct application of welding terms and symbols. (Written assessment and practical demonstration).

Targets: Welding Inspectors and Supervisors

3 days

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