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Forklift Operator Safety Course

Forklift Operator Safety Course

Course Description
This course outlines an introductory awareness of forklift safe operations, which includes: the definition of powered industrial trucks (forklifts), the various types/classes, and the hazard associated with their operations. Also described in the course is the forklift stability triangle, the twenty-nine (29) safe operation rules as well as inspection, fueling, and maintenance.


  • Define an industrial-powered truck (forklift)
  • Know the types and classes of forklifts used in different areas
  • Know the 11 different designations and the 5 energy power sources
  • Know the difference between a forklift and an automobile
  • Explain the forklift stability triangle with respect to safe operations
  • Know how to access forklift load capacity and the effect of overloading
  • Enumerate the benefits of operating forklift safely
  • Know his/her responsibilities and that of the owner
  • Know the reasons why forklifts tip over
  • Comprehend the 29 accident prevention rules in forklift operations.
  • Perform a walk-around inspection and fuel safely

Forklift Operators, Riggers, Supervisors.

2 days

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