Our HSEQ Policies

Health Policy

The company’s policy seeks to preserve at all times the health of its staff and sub- contractors through a high degree of personal hygiene and implementation of work procedures that are free from health risks. The company retains the services of good clinic to take care of the workers and much emphasis is placed on the promotion of total health concept and protection of the worker. Staff will be advised to stay away from excessive noise, harmful chemicals and encouraged to wear personal protective equipment. Regular medical examination will be encouraged. New staff will go through a medical examination before joining the company.

Safety Policy

It is the policy of ROPETECH to carry out our activities in such a way that the lives of all our employees and other people who may be connected with our operations are safeguarded. The company will ensure adequate provisions of personal protective equipment and that personnel adhere strictly to the safety precautions required in any area of its operations. To maintain a high safety standard, the company will develop all staff in safety, health and environmental matters. For all projects, a detailed safety plan will be written and site management will be responsible for its implementation. In this respect the following strategies will be put in place:

  1. Hazard/Job analysis.
  2. Hazard identification, communication and elimination.
  3. Regular safety meetings will be organized for the staff.
  4. Every accident will be reported and properly investigated and lessons learned will be communicated to all.
  5. Corrective actions will also be taken to avoid reoccurrence of accidents.

Environment Policy

It is the responsibility of each ROPETECH personnel to perform his work in an environmentally sound manner. It is the policy of ROPETECH to promote and encourage awareness of and to protect and preserve the environment. In implementing this policy, staff are encouraged to pay appropriate regards to the environment by acting to preserve air, water, soil, plant and animal eyes from adverse effects of their actions or those of the subcontractors’ to minimize any nuisance, which may arise from such actions. All wastes generated when executing any project shall be collected, handled, treated and disposed in such a way as not to have impact on the environment. Regular environmental assessment shall be conducted by environmental quality control consultant. At the conclusion of any activity, our ultimate goal is to have left the work site in a condition as near as possible to the state in, which it was found. Clean-Up gangs shall remove all debris to prevent injuries to lives and preserve the order of the habitat.

Quality Policy

ROPETECH recognise that quality is one of the most important means of maintaining our competitive strength in providing goods, products or services that meet the stringent requirement and expectation of today’s oil and gas sector of the economy. We also recognised the right of the Customer to demand for quality and reliable services at minimum cost. Therefore to meet these requirements, ROPETECH has set up standards for the achievement, sustenance and effective monitoring of the company’s operations through implementation of an integrated management system which is process driven, client focused, and performance improvement designed to cater for the six key elements where Procedure Documentation is a requirements based on ISO 9001:2008
To achieve the above goals, the following shall be put in place.

  • A well-defined organisation, responsibilities, authorities and interfaces of various units / department of the company.
  • Set-up a well-defined and functional quality management system, which is based on ISO 9001:2008.
  • Put in place innovative programmes of quality improvement that will meet the requirement of national and international standard.
  • Perform quality audit to verify the implementation and effectiveness of the company’s quality system on regular basis.
  • Sensitise personnel to provide confidence to Customer that the intended quality is being or will be achieved in the delivered product or service
  • Recruiting highly skilled and experienced personnel in all fields of activities pertaining to projects.
  • Ensuring that the personnel are sent for training periodically to update and enhance their performances.

The intent of this policy and the implementation of the requirement outlined focus on acceptable standards of performance of ROPETECH and have the personal commitment and support of the Managing Director, who has signed below and the entire company personnel.

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