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Lifting Equipment Inspection and Safety Course

Lifting Equipment Inspection and Safety Course

Course Description
This course describes how lifting equipment is safely inspected, documented, and maintained before use. Hence, it is expected and advantageous for anyone wanting to do this job to have a background in lifting operations. Therefore, the subject matter described in this course includes but is not limited to lifting, slinging, rigging, human factor, categories of lifting operation (routine and non-routine), slings/hitches selection as well as basic hand signals.
This course also provides an overview of the inspection process, documentation required, the various inspection techniques, and rejection criteria of portable lifting equipment including how to produce reports, and certifications of thorough inspections as per schedule of the health safety at work.
It also provides information on lifting equipment safety which is to ensure that lifting inspections is planned and executed through the authorization process for job safety analysis (JSA), selection of crane/lifting gears, as well as to know who is fit for work.


  • Regulation, Standard, and Recommended Practice Governing the
    Lifting Equipment Inspection Practice.
  • Engineering materials used in the manufacturing of lifting equipment.
  • Calculation of stress, strain, and the type of metallurgy test.
  • Different methods of selection, testing, and application of lifting equipment.
  • Reporting and Certification of Lifting Equipment.
    Targets: Engineers, Crane Operators, Riggers, and Supervisors.

3 days

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