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Combined Rigger and Crane Operator Course

Combined Rigger and Crane Operator Course

Course Description
This course manual is prepared not only to meet the requirements of the American Petroleum Institute Recommended Practice (API RP2D & 2C) in the areas of operations and maintenance of Offshore Pedestal Crane but also to provide operators with the required knowledge and skills that comply with Nigerian Factories Acts (FID), Nigerian Mineral Oil Safety Regulation and DPR and any other Internationally recognized acceptable standards.
The API Recommended Practice (API RP2D) is under the jurisdiction of the API Executive Committee on Drilling and Production Operations
and developed with the cooperation of the offshore operator’s committee. The detailed requirements for the design and construction of offshore cranes are given in API specification 2C specification (Latest edition).


  • To enable the operator to understand their responsibilities for the safe use of cranes and comply with the required standards and regulations ensure that
  • To operators understand the basic principles for the operation of cranes.
  • To ensure that operators understand the use of crane load chart, and its limitations and make load rating conversions.
  • To ensure that operators are able to identify the various crane critical components, and limiting devices, and conduct a pre-operation inspection.
  • To ensure that operators understand the recommended operation hand signals.

Crane Operators, Riggers & Supervisors, Engineers, Captains.

3 days

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